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Welcome to U.S. Marine Corps World War II Dog Tags!

We are the makers of correct reproduction World War II era dog tags that were worn by members of the United States Marine Corps, the United States Navy, the United States Coast Guard, and the United States Merchant Marine.

Identification tags, or dog tags as they are commonly called, are issued to all members of the armed forces as a means to identify the dead and wounded, and to provide basic medical information for the treatment of the wounded. 

In the armed forces of today, dogs tags are of one standard pattern.  However that was not always the case.  During World War II, the dog tags worn by members of the Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, and the Merchant Marine were much different than those worn by their counterparts serving in the Army and Army Air Force.

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Our dog tags are fabricated from the correct material, in the correct shape, and can be marked with information that you provide.  Our dog tags and are perfect for reenactors, living historians, and those who wish to wear period-correct dogs tags as a way of remembering and honoring family members and friends who served during during the Second World War.

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In addition to our dog tags, we offer a number of other products for those who share our passion of remembering and honoring those Americans who served our country in the naval service during World War II.

Ordering from U.S. Marine Corps World War II Dog Tags is also both safe and easy.  We take great care in ensuring that our products are accurate and completed to your satisfaction.  With us, no order is too small.  You can rest assured that each order will be completed with the same level of diligence and care that was exhibited by those of the "Greatest Generation" who wore them during World War II.

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You may find it more enjoyable to listen to some music of the World War II era while visiting the remainder of our website.  A jukebox containing many original recordings of the period is provided for your listening pleasure.

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